Betsy and Jason Kwiatkowski

From losing hair and money to taking home $25k.

Betsy and Jason Kwiatkowski

Betsy and Jason were feeling discouraged and desperate to save their business. Their dream of owning a successful gym was slowly slipping away as they found themselves physically and emotionally drained. Betsy had taken a leap of faith, leaving her 6-figure job to pursue her passion for fitness. Though they had the drive to make their gym succeed, they desperately needed guidance on how to put the right systems in place.

Stress began taking its toll on Betsy, causing her to experience physical symptoms and miss precious time with her children. That's when she and Jason knew something had to change.

Jason's most valuable piece of advice for other gym owners is to trust the process, and that's exactly what they did. With the help of Gym Launch's personal coaching, Betsy and Jason transformed their struggling business into a thriving gym with consistent revenue. This allowed them to not only focus on their passion for fitness but also spend quality time with their kids without worrying about paying the bills.

For Betsy, the most rewarding aspect of their gym's turnaround has been the new clientele she's met and helped - moms just like her who needed guidance with fitness and nutrition. By trusting the process and implementing the right systems, Betsy and Jason have turned their once-struggling gym into a booming business, all while staying true to their passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals.

In just one week, they went from losing hair and money to taking home $25k, proving that with the right guidance and determination, dreams can become a reality.

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