Donnie Jaeger

"We signed up 26 people in the first WEEK"

Donnie Jaeger

Having a coach can often be the difference between success and failure in most aspects of life. This was certainly the case for Donnie, a gym owner who was struggling to keep his dream afloat. In a desperate bid to save their business, Donnie and his wife even had to pawn their jewelry. But when everything seemed to be falling apart, Gym Launch came to the rescue and provided the support, accountability, and real processes that Donnie needed to turn his business around.

The life-changing moment for Donnie came when he received a phone call from a friend and fellow gym owner. His friend told him about Gym Launch, a company that had helped him run a successful challenge in his gym, bringing in a significant influx of cash and new members. Intrigued, Donnie decided to give Gym Launch a try.

The impact was almost instantaneous. In just the first 30 days with Gym Launch, Donnie's gym had its biggest month ever. "The first 30 days were insane," Donnie said. They signed up 26 people in the first WEEK. By focusing on executing the simple processes provided by Gym Launch, Donnie was able to rescue his business from the brink of collapse.

Gym Launch's support and guidance helped Donnie turn his business around and find success. They offered the crucial difference that Donnie needed, proving once again that having a coach can make all the difference in achieving success against all odds.

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